A green and healthy choice for travellers at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. In an environment inspired by the fauna of the Oslo Fjord, you can now enjoy healthy food with a clear conscience at the new marketplace in the international terminal.
Bielke & Yang
Original Kopi
Magnus Berger Nordstrand / Pudder

"Omhu has created a concept that is both eye-catching and inviting while encompassing all the functionality for both visitors and us as the provider. We are very pleased with the result, and it seems that the customers are too!" says Knut Andreas Berg, CEO and founder of LETT.

For OSL, we have further refined the interior concept with fresh and natural color tones and materials that reflect LETT's origins and values. Inspired by the coastline along the Oslo Fjord, you can now find subtle yellow partition walls made of corrugated metal and decorations of dried reeds and rushes.

The table tops are made from recycled yogurt containers, and the panels in the counter are made from parts of discarded appliances, all developed by Smile Plastics.

"We believe that customers who choose independent and specialised studios like ours get even more tailored concepts. To create a clear thread and a strong cohesion, we collaborate closely with other specialists, such as Bielke & Yang for graphic design and branding. Together, we have created a concept that conveys LETT's values with a responsible, tactile quality," says Thomas Jenkins, designer and co-founder of Omhu.

Avinor sought a Norwegian, climate-friendly, and nutritious concept as the centerpiece of the new marketplace in the east international terminal of Oslo Airport. Now, you can enjoy a varied selection of fresh salads and wraps, freshly baked goods, coffee, and even a glass of wine before departure.

"We are proud to offer something fresh and sustainable at OSL; it not only feels new in Norway but also internationally," adds Knut Andreas Berg.

Omhu has been working with LETT since 2020, delivering more than 15 cafes in Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen