LETT is a healthy and nutritious food concept, offering salads and wraps from locally sourced farms.
Omhu started collaborating with Lett in 2020 and has completed projects in over 15 locations in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.
Bielke & Yang
Jay Cover

The working name for our concept was Down to Earth with an ambition to translate Lett's mission of offering green and good choices for both your wellbeing and the environments health.

Principally we have chosen fresh, light and natural colour tones and materials that either utilise waste streams or are easily recyclable after use. Examples being table tops from reground yoghurt pots (Smile Plastics) or recycled plastic bottles (PET) for upholstery textiles (Kvadrat).  When using wood we have specified only solid woods so these can be easily sanded down and retreated ensuring a long life cycle.

We have collaborated through out with Bielke & Yang who are responsible for graphic branding and identity.  Bespoke illustrations have be used as murals on the wall to help communicate Lett's values of locally sourced produce, homemade fresh everyday. Using all parts of produce and a menu that is below the UN's CO2 targets. Zero waste & fossil free plant based packaging.

Furthermore we have sourced furniture and tableware that has class leading carbon-footprint (Takt Furniture) or that builds on the principle that re-use is the the best-use such as hard wearing enamel salad bowls (HAY).