From our studio in Oslo we create memorable and meaningful objects & spaces for established brands and startups.‚Äč
Operating in the crossover of industrial and interior design our goal is to create unique branded experiences, communicating values through a physical concept that is authentic, considered and unique.
Minus Furniture
Levende Gater
The Conservatory
Mon Oncle
Kafeteria August
ESP Oslo

We are a small team with diverse and international backgrounds.
Our size makes us agile and collaboration is second nature for us.

We always seek close collaborations with our clients and other creatives. We believe cross disiplinery collaboration makes it possible to create a recognisable common thread and a seamless transition between digital and physical worlds through tactile spaces and objects.

Our process is both digital and physical in the creative stages, juxtaposing computer generated visuals with real material moodboards and 1:1 scale tests. It is the physical and functional aspects of our concepts that we are truly passionate about.

We work closely with experienced suppliers and craftsmen to realise a shared vision. Implementing the level of detail required to create wholistic spaces and objects that will be experienced both tactically and visually.