Omhu was approached in early 2021 after Three star Michelin Chef Esben Holmboe Bang had secured the location for what would be The Conservatory.
Wanting to expand his family of concepts with a cocktail bar, he assembled a creative team spanning from interior architecture, graphic design, sound design and art.
Esben Holmboe Bang / Maaemo
Bielke & Yang
DIA Studio
Colophon Foundry
André Bratten / Smalltown Supersound
Galleri Riis
Einar Aslaksen / Pudder

After ringing on the bespoke door bell, guests are welcomed and jackets are dispensed in an simple terrazzo floored, curved walled foyer that establishes a visual and mental division from the street. 

Upon entering the bar, the bullnosed Norwegian Rose marble bar takes centre stage. An untraditionally low counter hight has been chosen to showcase the craft and depth of the drinks on the menu. Above the bar, a layered recycled woollen canopy can be washed in coloured light depending on the evening's musical mood to further emphasise the bars focal point with in the space.

The bar is surrounded by small seating arrangements in shades of sea green, semi enclosed by custom oak panelling with inlaid Venetian blinds paired with deep blue velvet curtains. These intimate groups are finished with wall hung art and soft floor and table lighting. Once ordered, all drinks are served on bespoke Norwegian Verde Lapponia marble tables designed by Jenkins&Uhnger. The space is tied together with a solid oak end grain floor.

The combination of sound absorbing elements gives the space the anechoic feeling of a recording studio, setting the stage for the unique audio landscape from locally and internationally acclaimed record label Small Town Supersound.

The audio experience is enveloped in Omhu's bespoke interior, utalising a blend of high quality and local materials, resulting in an intriguing, tactile and cosmic cocktail bar.