The "New Perspectives” exhibition celebrates the convergence of technology, sustainability, and innovation in manufacturing and consumption.

For Minus Furniture's debut at Stockholm Furniture Fair, we have utilised the circular principle of "Form follows Availability", with the installation's main structural element of rented scaffolding signifying both the temporary nature of the fair and also Minus as up-scaling industry newcomer.
Minus Furniture
Rolodex Studio
Kristine Bjaadal
Felix Odell / Cameralink

Thinking made physical has been a key theme of our ideation behind Minus' exhibition differing from traditional presentations at furniture fairs by focusing on the thinking, research and values in addition to the actual furniture. Resulting in a comprehensive experience with the intention of initiating discussion.

The presented artefacts and experiences throughout the exhibition were developed in close collaboration with Minus to establish physical installations of their value chain, research, production, calculations and ethos.
We have investigated the principles of Minus' production methods to create an enriching experience, that breaks down the complex subjects of circularity and carbon accounting, offering knowledge in addition to furniture.

Moments such as a tactile visualisation of the Minus value chain and an audio introduction to the brand's designers are merged with glimpses into Minus' digital world of subscription services and documentation of conscious logging. Furniture displays are accompanied with mirrored surfaces demonstrating the project's transparency and "new perspective”.

We have curated a space with transparent and honest architecture with the design methodology of "Form follows Availability" that celebrates both a circular approach and Minus as a research led company that is attempting to build new approaches to manufacturing.

To achieve this we partnered with Ombygg - a new initiative in Oslo stemming waste flow from construction sites. Lights and various exhibition artefacts were sourced from - a Norwegian digital platform for second hand goods, and from Oslo municipality's reuse facility.

Finally, items such as scaffolding and digital products were sourced from rental suppliers to be returned at exhibition end to be used again and again. Other creative partners for the exhibition are Rolodex, who are responsible for Minus ́ art direction in partnership with visual communication specialists Anti.

Minus Furniture is a new Norwegian furniture producer scaling a regenerative model for furniture debuting for the first time at the world's leading meeting place for Scandinavian design, the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

As a research driven manufacturer, Minus' interests lie in creating low carbon circular pine furniture. They are exploring compact value chains and conscious logging, emphasizing biodiversity. Their transparent carbon accounting and subscription business model intends to re-imagine product life cycles for both the office and home.