When establishing in Oslo, Mano Pizza, wanted to open a two locations in the east and west almost simultaneously. As a relatively young company the budget was fairly restricted and the brief was focused on developing a concept that was easily recognisable and flexible enough so that it could also be rolled out at future locations in other cities.
Mano Pizza
Jan Khur
Samuel Nyholm

After initial discussion with the client we landed on an ambition of creating a Scandinavian version of the classic Italian Trattoria. The existing Mano profile, by Goods Oslo, is based on a vibrant pink colour inspired by the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper which is printed on pink paper. So there was a clear wish to carry this forward into the interior concept.

As the high traffic scenario required durable finishes we landed on a twist on classic beaded wooden wainscotting in pink painted CNC machined MDF as a nod to the classic trattoria aesthetic. The desired seating flexibility was attained by using only one size of tables arranged predominantly in rows so that differing group sizes could be accommodated. The CO2 neutral Cross chairs from Takt work well in the overall composition, light enough to be easily moved and stackable so extras can be kept nearby.

The large volume of pizza boxes was also a challenging space requirement for the project. With an ambition of selling over 300 pizzas per location daily a space saving solution of hanging these over the bar counter was created. The boxes in themselves are an important part of the brand so an open wire mesh was chosen to allow these to be used as a decorative element.

A fine grained render is applied above the wainscoting to give a neutral but textured finish and these are complemented with oak framed smoke glass mirrors, again building on the modern trattoria archetype. The open ceiling with acoustic tiles above keep the sound reverberation to a minimum and a small glass globe pendants add a warmth and structure above the flexible seating layout.