Limón is a new concept in Oslo serving the freshest poke bowls and ceviche in town. We collaborated with Goods to create an inviting, light and transparent spatial concept, enabling the existing print and web brand typology into a three dimensional space giving the consumer a clear connection between their visual world in social media (TikTok & Instagram) and other digital platforms (Foodora & Wolt) to the physical environment of the brand.
Einar Aslaksen

The site is relatively small and needed an approximate 50:50 floor area split between front and back of house. The level of traffic was also a core consideration with regard to the environmental impact of the space. With an overall theme based on hardwearing and built to last materials chosen. Finally, with a young adult target group it was important that the space had a confident and adventurous expression.

The existing brand typology was based around bold green and yellow colours that were important to carry forward into the interior. Tiles were chosen to handle the high level of traffic, the abundance of small colour tones in the terrazzo complimenting the large bold yellow surfaces. Consequently the required volume of yellow with the space was transferred to the walls above the tiled wainscoting, working well together, giving an overall continuity to the concept throughout the space.

The location is one of Oslo’s busiest streets and we wanted to create a significant presence with the interior externally at street level too. This sparked the idea of using perforated metal screens with LED strips washing their external surfaces (towards the street) to create more impact in the window space alone. The visual transparency of the perforations allowed the bold green brand colour to be used on these surfaces without it conflicting against the dominant yellow within the space. These perforated screens are also used internal to shield the seating area from the main entrance.